My tribute post for Have Heart

Happy Edge Day - even though I am not edge and it's already 1 in the morning on October 18th

I really wanted to see them for the last show but I did not have enough motivation to get a job and such.
Yet my experience in seeing Have Heart for the first and last time will never be forgotten. Especially when Pat recognized my shirt with the big "AH LIMA HARDCORE" on it, I represented (jaja). I came back from Peru on the 26 of August the next day I went to go see Have Heart in Los Angeles, and it was well worth it. I wished I would of went to Chain pero "ya fue". It was one hell of a show on a hot day in Whittier, memorable for the sweat that dripped off the cieling.
They are or should I say "were" a great band ... and hopefully there are more to come with the same amount of passion.
Here is a picture I had from when I was in Peru and what a better picture to go with my "tribute" . (Aqui ay un foto de cuando estaba en Lima, mejor que sea publicado en este post)

This is the fyers posted up for when Have Heart played in Lima. I missed that show by a month I could tell it was amazing and I thank the guys (you know who you are) for bringing them giving the kids a chance to see HH en Lima.
Here are a pair of videos that a friend did of when HH was here mainly with the interview intertwined with the show. This kid is cool hopefully we can work together.
Bueno aqui ay un par de videos de los ultimos momentos de Have Heart en CALIFORNIA por un chico que conosco. Tambien es un entrevista.
(ji ji estoy en una de las videos pero no habia mucha luz en el local, The Green Turtle Room)

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