Farewell To Ryan

Today I was so compelled to go to the show at The Blvd. and I almost didn't go. I'm glad I did. At the end of Ceremony's wild set (that left a broken stand and kids became part of the drum set to continue on) Toast (base player) told me he would be leaving Ceremony after playing with them for 6 years. I gave him a sweaty hug and he told me kind words. Driving back home I realized that I'm 20 now (my birthday just passed) and that I've seen Ceremony many times. Today was also the first time I didn't run out and do something crazy. haha and I still haven't gotten a sticker, but one day I will. I really don't like to buy merch online; I prefer to see my money go in the hands of whomever is running the merch table because I know it is going to them. As of now, my merch is just all the videos and memories I have of this band.
This if the flyer of his last show. They are playing in San Diego tomorrow don't miss out on that if you don't have much to do (unlike me who has a speech and bio test to study for). Best wishes to Toast. 

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