Wake Up and Live Zine

Yesterday, my homegrrl Ely and I went to Claremont for a show ( it was well worth the hour it took to get there). I read they had free zines and when I sat on this counter I saw one unfolded in a box next to me. As I folded it I had an overview of what it consisted of. It was great to see a zine like that. I thought it was awesome. So I'm sharing this with you and if you see it, pick it up.
There is a list of booking contacts form socal and upcomming shows. With an additional interview of Ryan of Media Blitz.

Download link: http://www.4shared.com/document/AelQBms-/WakeUpAndLiveZine.html


  1. WOW! That's bold. Did they know that WAKE UP AN LIVE FANZINE already exist and is established as the biggest european zine of the last 10 years? It's like naming your zine IMPACT or SCHISM in the US haha!


  2. No they didn't. Plus we are in the US, I don't think a lot of us keep track of what goes on in Europe.
    As far as i know zine titles are not copyrighted and I think if your into punk and hardcore you'd understand that.
    But thanks for the information. If you want to state it to the publisher download the zine and send them an email.