Bane, Bjork cover

This is something that I have overlooked. I heard it and thought it was awesome, then I stumbled onto it again. I conjured in my mind how awesome it is that a band would even cover Bjork. Now I want to ask Aaron Bedard some questions about this. I love Bjork, it's the only big concert I've ever been to and that was in Peru. It's awesome that bands cover old school hardcore but when do you ever hear this? 

i wish: i want to stay here
i wish: this be enough
i wish: i only love you
i wish: simplicity

look at the speed out there
it magnetizes me to it
and i have no fear
i'm only in to this to


i wish i'd only look
and didn't have to touch
i wish i'd only smell this
and didn't have to taste

how can i ignore?
this is sex whitout touching
i'm going to explore
i'm only into this to


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