They as in Them Summer Tour Kickoff w/ Disapproval, Slave, and Stresscase!

THEY AS IN THEM Summer Tour Kickoff, THEY AS IN THEM/ Stresscase Split Tape Release, Disapproval Tape Release, and Band of Outsiders August Zine Release EXTRAVAGANZA!

Come see THEY AS IN THEM off as they prepare to go on an awesome summer tour and support your local music and punk DIY scene all in one night!

+ They as in Them (facebook.com/theyasinthem

+ Disapproval (facebook.com/disapprovalh​c)

+ Slave (facebook.com/weareslaves)

+ Stresscase (facebook.com/stresscasefu​)

Support Band of Outsiders by liking us and picking up the August Issue: facebook.com/bandofoutside​rsLA

3 Bucks!

*flyer coming soon

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