This Is Hardcore Video

Once again I will post this video. I have been requested to upload it to youtube. I know vimeo is not the most pleasing while waiting for the video to load.
I want to thank my friends for just being my friends and hanging out (if it weren't for you I would have no video clips) . Thanks especially for the reactions that I didn't expect from the video.

I also want to add these two clips that are just a funny memory. All the humidity and sweat had people squeaking around. Somehow things just led to the homie Pier doing the moonwalk.

Right before I had filmed the security check people I had watched people dancing in line up to the lady. Standing there for about 7 to 8 hours had them finding ways in entertaining themselves. They started making music with the metal detectors and had everyone shaking their booty up in line. I enjoyed watching it.

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