End Of a Era: Badmouth

End of an Era
Badmouth played their goodbye show last night. I’ve seen this band countless times and every show was always worth the drives out of Orange County. From that ghastly freezing-ass backyard show,The Hickey, The Blvd, Pharaoh’s Den, to Sound and Fury 09, to last night’s show and everything in be-fucking-tween that I can’t remember right now. You guys TRULY represented the DIY hardcore ethics that everyone only talks about but doesn’t practice. I never felt out of place at your shows and I never felt like I couldn’t have fun for any reason at all.
RIP OG 5626 era.
You rule. Thanks for the kind words, the support, the friendship, the hangouts, the smokin’. Thanks for the whole 9!
great dudes and great band!
RIP <333

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