Triple B Showcase

BBB SHOWCASE 2011 12/3/2011: 
"Last year ruled so we decided to do another one this year! 
The lineup so far is
 Dead End Path, 
The Rival Mob, 
Free Spirit, 
Soul Search, 
Stick Together,
Wolf Whistle, 
United Youth,
Sweet Jesus, 
and Beware. 
Another band or two are TBA and will be included on the final flier soon. The showcase will be taking place on 12/3/2011 at The Bank Vault in Whitman, MA. It's a warehouse that we will be turning into a venue for this show only. there will be a stage and backline. Start planning your trips. you can get presale tickets now in our webstore now. No physical tickets will be mailed, it's just will call the day of the show. Oh and if you do presale, you save a couple bucks too. booyah.

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