Throwing Bricks

Before Ceremony I was driving around the bay area a lot, visiting different cities and towns: skating as much as possible. One day me and some friends from Walnut Creek were in Piedmont and some dude was harassing us while we were skating this spot near Piedmont’s central area. He had a long board and he was skating by every few minutes yelling shit at us, calling us ‘fags’ or whatever. This guy was probably twice my age and big, big muscles, high school quarterback type. He had his little brother with him, and finally after two instances of him yelling at us, we yelled back and he came over to repeat what he was saying, only two feet away. My friend Peter threw a large fountain soda in his face and punched him just below his left eye lid, and I will never forget seeing his face immediately after the punch - a tiny slit start to pour blood. The dude tackled Peter and I came up behind the guy and booted his head, which caused him to fall to the side: calling for help to his little brother. After the boot, I threw a glass bottle at his head, but it didn’t break, it just bounced off and he ran away. Then I wrote Throwing Bricks.
Ross Farrar of Ceremony 

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