Dolls Kill To Go Fur Free

If you remember, a few months ago Dolls Kill promised me they would stop selling real fur. I spoke to Bobby, one of their representatives, and he gave me his word. (I recorded our conversation so they cannot deny it).
I’ve been checking their website daily, and they’re still for sale. This is truly unfortunate. They told me that they were really concerned about animals welfare, but if they really were, they would NOT continue to sell foxtails.
This is a classic case of greed over compassion and we need to let them know this is not okay.
Tweet to them at @DOLLSKILL. Ask them to go #furfree.
Please visit furfreela.com/dollskill for full details on the campaign.
SIGN THE PETITION HEREhttp://chn.ge/yp3Obk
*They blocked all of my accounts on twitter and facebook- so I need you guys to be loud for me.

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