Santa Cruz Trip/ Break Edge (band)

I went to Santa Cruz the past weekend. Our gang attended a show at someones house on Saturday or Sunday.
The house consisted of many little details. There were zines hanging on strings from the ceiling, the kitchen had a fruity paint job. (Excuse my photos for they are blurry. They were taken with a point and shoot)
 Outside was pretty neat also, with their little turtle pond and patio.
 They served hot dogs, vegan hot dogs, nachos with vegan nacho cheese as an option, and later on some vegan pasta with yummy sauce. Nutritional yeast does wonders. My lovely homegurl is in a newly formed band called Jung Republicans (if that is the final decision on the name).
 Their first show was at this house.  Before them played this band called Break Edge, which I liked. So please give them a listen. They sound different live than their recording so keep that in mind. I just listened to the recording when I got home.

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