List of Female Fronted bands [Part 3]

(updated: here is an old list I made when myspace was still manageable. I kept this as a draft to see if I would discover more bands/groups, but then myspace's layout changed and popularity in that social network dropped. Thus I never added on to this list and kept it as a draft. I might as well post it, it has been a draft since 2010)

I was just checking out some music and stumbled upon a band.

*Helms Alee (Seattle, WA - Rock) If you like Young Widows there could be a possibility you'll like this band. There is female vocal participation. The girl plays bass.
- http://www.myspace.com/helmsaleemusic

River City Tanlines (Memphis, Tennessee - Rock/New Wave) Not my cup of music but it is good. Sounds fun.
- http://www.myspace.com/rivercitytanlines

Up To Us (Cleveland, Ohio - Hardcore/Punk)

One Little Plane (United Kingdom - Indie/Pop/Acoustic) Found this bouncing around myspaces. I like it the creativity in it.

*Made Out Of Babies (Brooklyn, New York - Rock/Metal/Experimental) - Same vocalist of Battle Of Mice.  There are some songs I take an interest in but I still prefer the other band. In the Triad there are good songs. Either way I have downloaded this bands album so that is a leap of interest. If your into sludge could possibly like this band. pretty gruesome

*Nyshynga (Poland - Krishnacore/Hardcore/Progressive) I was surprised to see that this band had a female vocalist. Just did not seem like it to me. I like the vocals and progressiveness of the music. But as far as now it is not something I want to download right now. Reminds me of a hard version of Baby Gopal.

Bhimal ( Poland - Hardcore/Krishnacore/Metal) I did have this on my comp but I just wasnt digging it afte a couple listens. Could be of your taste

*Kylesa (Savannah, Georgia - Psychedelic/Metal/) This band headlined for slipknot I think. I really don't care because to me they sound better than them. Still amazed that there are two drummers and to some its  just silly but it sounds great. Their latest release is good. The vocalist also plays guitar.

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