Left Hand Path Tapes


I believe it was around this time last year I came up with an idea to put out a beat compilation on this label (not saying im the first to do it) but I never came across any punk-based labels putting out any different styles of music other than punk or some sub-genre of it.Anyways this tape is a step into a different direction from us,known that we do grind/pv/noise releases.It consists of 10 beat makers across this filthy shithole we call earth.I myself will have about 10 copies,the other 90 are going to the other 9 on this tape.Enjoy about 45 minutes of straight instrumentals,make sure to have your neck brace near your tape deck haha.
If you want a copy click : http://lhptapes.storenvy.com/
Shout outs to:EXAVEYUR,_LIP,WODOOWOCLAN,CLOUD.,BASVRA,HUMYNWAVE,GIVEN NAMES,VINO,and BOOGERDANK for being apart of this tape and for being patient as fuck!
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