Unfun Zine


Unfun: a photo zine can now be viewed online…
all photos were taken by me within this past year & through out various parts of California.
Photos within the zine are of people who inspire me, late nights spent alone, sunny days spent with family/friends, things I’ve come across, things I’ve witnessed, things I’ve experienced, things I’ve found comfort in…
including live shots of: Low Places, Knife Fight, Children of God, Hoax,
Negative Approach, Narrows, Sleepwalkers, Beware, Hot Water Music,
Lack of Interest, Strife, War Hungry, Cold Cave, Dogteeth, ACXDC, New Brigade, Touche Amore, Integrity, In My Eyes, Supertouch, Creatures, Early Graves, Nails, Disapproval, Skin Like Iron, Tragedy, Holy Fever.
actual physical copies will be printed soon… thank you for viewing & for your support.
- Furn XXX

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