Bridgetown DIY Fundraiser


Help us furnish our newly opening infoshop.
So….we’ve come a long, long way since we started organizing to put into action our shared dream of creating an all ages community resource center and show space.

In the past year and half we’ve spent our time meeting, organizing, performing outreach and fundraising. Until recently we’d also been searching for our first home as an organization….but that search came to an end when we fell in love with a beautiful 1500 sq. ft. space in la puente. While we have enough cash to cover our initial first and last month’s rent….those costs will completely drain everything that we have generated through fundraising so far.

That’s where you come in…Now that we’re on the cusp of moving into our first physical location we need one final fundraising push so that we can begin to transform the currently empty space, into a working resource center for the community that we intend to serve.

What your contributions will go towards…-Bookshelves for our library
-Painting Materials
-House PA
-Writing Materials
If you’re interested in helping us see this project through to fruition, please donate HERE.

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