Shaming within an Idealistic Subculture as "hardcore"

It's incredible to see how far along this subculture has lasted into the modern era. What is incredibly grotesque is the derogatory terms that still persist. Women have constantly received a bad rep depending on where they step their foot to who they talk to in hardcore. Girls do it to girls. Boys do it to girls. When a truthful situation with actual evidence is shown, how is is plausible that the victim continue to be victimized?

If we take this out of the subculture it is still wrong. The fact that it is in a subculture as "punk/hardcore" that has redundantly screamed the words of equality and solidarity among each member is being spit in the face when people slut shame and blame women for being themselves.

When someone opens their home to a fellow band or fellow hardcore aficionado regardless of their gender, they must be respected equally. It is their property and it is THEIR HOME. The problem here is a fellow member of the hardcore subculture has opened her home and her wallet to the band Blind Justice, only to receive the news that a band member had invaded her personal items without consent. They also pee'd in her laundry [who does that? unless you hate them].

Unfortunately, the reaction of this situation is pelted questions of her being raped, derogatory words such as "slut", and negative words like "worthless". How it is logical to defend the band member who disrespected someone that opened their home and bully the victim through anonymous question on tumblr. It only proves that people in this subculture still view gender to have double standards in hardcore.

If I had painted nude portraits of myself and hid them away only for it to be stolen by people I invited to my home and hung in their surroundings I would feel violated. I decided not to share it. I decide who to share it with. This applies to everyone.

I could say so much more right now, but if you are against me - you disgust me and you are no member of the subculture. You would be the social climber in my eyes, not her.

-excuse my poor grammar-


  1. sadly the "hardcore" subculture has often more to do with macho behaviour than with punk values. but within or without the subculture is not really the point. victims of macho (or sexist) violence needs our solidarity. and sexist pigs should be despised and be treated as pigs.

  2. i'm from boston. they got booted off the show in quincy on saturday because of this. it doesn't excuse or justify what happened but i'm glad some people won't stand for that shit.

  3. the issues of gender within punk/hardcore is something which really interests me and it seems that despite such subcultures proclaiming to be more recognising of equality than 'mainstream' society there still is an underpinning inequality

    I wrote this a few months back which might be of interest: http://femmedium.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/online-misogyny-connecting-chvrches-and.html

  4. Unfortunately that is the downfall of modern hardcore. I'm all for what you are saying, but these issues almost didn't exist in the early days. Sure they existed, but far and few between incidents. Guys used to protect girls back then, and girls had more say in those days. I've been in the L.A. hardcore scene for 35 years now, and i've seen it all, literally ! These days guys have way less respect for women, and treat them like trash. I'm all for women, I support all women in the hardcore scene ! But there is little to no unity among the sexes in hardcore today. Well, there is some, but again far and few between unified. I'm a guy, and I love and respect women 100%, but it seems like i'm a minority in that aspect in today's scene.
    More power to you whomever wrote this ! I'll play an all-female set on my radio show this weekend, which is my support towards this article, and to the women in the scene ! Tune in to support the women, and me, this Saturday night, 6-8pm, West Coast time. http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com/
    Alot of the DJ's on this station are women, and they rule !!!!! There are alot of good men on there also, who totally support women ! Peace & love to all
    oppressed, abused, and disrespected women out there, I may be part of the minority, but I support you all !!!!!