Limping Around Washington D.C

[draft I never posted]
I say limping because I twisted my ankle at meridian park and fell down a couple of stairs like a champ.

It is my third time here in Washington, D.C. I saw all the tourist stuff and I wanted to find more.

First thing I did was look for the discord house that was featured in the album cover salad days for minor threat. It's just outside of DC in Virginia. It was a nice walk through a suburban neighborhood.
I'm gonna be cheesy but it has been something I always wanted to see.

People recommended me vegan places and record stores. Checking out record stores is a great way to meet people and find out about any local shows. I went to Joint Custody records , crooked beats, and smash records. At joint custody I found out there was a website with shows posted. If you are ever out in DC just google punk hardcore shows in DC.

Check out the comic store right next to Joint Custody while you are at it.

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