Leticia Bufoni

I should explain why I posted this. Well my guilty pleasure is watching any well put sports video like snowboarding, bmx, skateboarding, longboard, whatever. Promo's and stuff like that. So I find a lot of well done videos and all of them are guys. So out of curiosity I was wondering if there were girls out there that had videos. They all skate really well but their videos just bore me to quick sometimes. If you go on my tumblr I post up videos I think are cool like the cokeburn peepshow one . I really had to look into female skateboarders but when I did find some I thought it was awesome just that I wish I could see more investment in them also. Just that if I'm looking for these videos of girls skateboarding I think other girls would be too.
 In the links section I listed a few names of these skateboarders.
and Hey Mimi Knoop do more multimedia pieces grrrl! post them on youtube and vimeo

o and Mexico has it going on with girls skateboarding keep it up.

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