Thulsa Doom - Desensitized Ep

  1. Money
  2. Material Takeover
  3. Desensitized
  4. White Lies

I really liked this band when I was in High school. I had this file staring at me on my desktop, so finally I uploaded it for whomever. Included are the lyrics and some information. 

They've trained us to work

So we can make money

So we can buy their stuff

But their stuff is so useless

We don't really need it

But they have us convinced that

We can't live without it


They're taking over - little by little

They're taking over - one by one

They're taking over - little by little

They're taking over - our time has come

We buy these machines

That tell us what to do

The radio, the TV

Have both brainwashed you

They're tools for the media

To tell us what to buy

The bigger the better

The more we must have it
chorus ; rasta breakdown

America is full of greed

And full of things that we don't need

Each home is filled with useless stuff

Electronic gadjits that have no use

These things are garbage that we don't need

They just feed corporation greed

If you buy less

Then you work less

And a happier life you will then lead

The machines that we work for

Are running our lives

We take better care of them

Than we do our own child

We're slaves to these objects

That we've built ourselves

Cars and computers are

The pharos of the new age


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