Stresscase Van Broken Into Please Help

"Once again, I have to wake up to the news of a break in, and once again these assholes have chosen to single me out. Last time they stole dannys guitar along with my bass and a head, totaling in about 3000 dollars worth. As a band we have b
arely got our shit together again with gear. This time although nothing of Extreme value like Gear was taken, They somehow managed to PRY open my locked truck bed, and steal ALL of our Merch, and a few of my cables. The Last 35 Records in The US we had are now gone, along with the latest shirt designs, reprints, and tote bags. This couldn't have happened at a worse time since we leave for an Oakland show this saturday. I hate you Shittty people who did this. If you honestly need to rip off a band for shirts and records,then good luck turning a profit you piece of shit. You will get whats coming to you. Anyone, if you can spare a few, change/dollars feel free to drop it this Anything helps.

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