The LA Fort

Short Summary

For years we have watched with glory and horror as DIY spaces came and went in Los Angeles and across the country. There have been a lot of lessons to learn from what came before. These experiences and people are what make DIT possible. This new "Do It Together" venue will be the first of it's kind in Los Angeles.
Our mission is to provide a safe and neutral space for positive expression in an all ages environment in an effort to help grow and nurture the arts and music community in Los Angeles.
The Fort is a hub for different circles, clicks, groups, and ideologies to come together and create new, unexpected interactions and act as a home for artists and musicians travelling through. With creative collaboration as one of the top priorities, The Fort aims to get people out of their normal patterns and better connect Los Angeles.
This is something we have always wanted for Los Angeles. Besides an event space, there will be a lock outs, shared artist space, and a touring bedroom. The Fort also connects artists to bands in a way that mutually benefits all parties. This is a place to create and grow while encouraging others to do the same in their on way.

Starting January 2013, each show's profits will be split 60/40 in favor of the bands and merch services will be offered which will employ local artists.
By contributing to this campaign, you will be building the LA Fort with us. Without your support, we cannot build what we need to sustain ourselves. Specifically, the contributions will be going towards building out the lockouts, fixing up the shared artist space, finishing the soon to be 10,000 watt PA, and making sure we can pay rent while we do this. Right now there are between 5-10 people going to work at the Fort for free every day after they get off of their regular jobs. No one is making a cent; just working towards a common goal.

What We Need & What You Get

The money going into this campaign will directly go into finishing the build out of the space and paying rent so we can start providing the services that will sustain The LA Fort. This will be your home too if you treat it with respect. This is a chance to help create somethin new, together.

The Impact

This project is a response to the new age. We are entering into the age of DIT (or Do It Together), thanks to the internet (including sites like this). This space is a chance to explore a physical interpretation of the digital world. It creates job opprotunities for artists and gives a home to bands when they are away from home. You are helping to create a space of freedom. Freedom to explore without judgement; To grow as individuals and a collective; To experiment while knowing that a failure can bring one that much closer to a success. You are helping to sustain a new model for a new age.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share the video! A big part of helping is getting the word out; Not just for this campaign but so people know they can get involved in general. posting this on social media, talking to people in a cafe, sending an email or a text.. IT ALL HELPS!

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